Men’s jeans made easy



Like most men, I can’t stand shopping. The shopping centres are always so noisy and unbearably warm for some reason, there are people everywhere and I’m just not interested in talking to sales people about my day. The sad truth however, is that I need to shop because I need clothes. So needless to say, when online shopping happened, it was pretty much my saviour. Being able to jump online and do what I needed to do in one swift movement was awesome. Some people say they’re worried because of quality or sizing, but it’s about finding someone reliable. Take mens jeans for example, I always know I’m getting what I pay for with Nobody Denim, so I’m never worried placing an order with them. I’m still not interested in shopping, but companies like Nobody Denim certainly make it easier.


Make sure you’re ready – complete a practice driving test first


My 18th birthday was just on the horizon and I was eager to secure my driver’s licence as soon as possible. Getting my parents to cart me around to parties was getting progressively less cool. I only had about an hour to of my required lessons, but my parents still weren’t certain I was ready for the test and suggested I look into taking a practice driving test. I figured it couldn’t hurt so I organised a time with Excel Drive, who not only took me on a trial run of the test course but gave me some tips on what the assessor would be looking for. As it turned out, Excel Drive confirmed what I knew – I was ready for the real thing and have since booked my driving test for my birthday.

Head to Splashbox for the website design Melbourne needs


In today’s day and age, if your business doesn’t have a website then you may as well not bother. Most of my customers find me online, but my website is pretty old now so I’ve decided to give it a bit of an overhaul and work in some fresh designs. I did a search and came across Splashbox, a digital agency based in St. Kilda. I really dig their stuff. Their design team is easy to work with, and they really brought my vision to life. They provide website design Melbourne wide, so if you’re in the area I reckon your best bet is to drop them a line.

Aged Care Accreditation from Healthcare 2 You


Aged care accreditation is not something you want to take lightly. I work at an aged care facility, and I know that we worked quite closely with Healthcare 2 You when seeking out aged care accreditation. All our staff have the appropriate accreditation, meaning we’re all able to look after our residents and give them the very best of care. After all, we want everyone to be as safe as possible, staff included, and the best way to ensure that is with the right accreditation. If you’re in the same situation, then I think Healthcare 2 You are the very best. Look them up and give them a call, your residents will thank you for it.

Your own personal draftsperson – get projects in on time and under budget


As a rule of thumb, I always say that if you want something done right, do it yourself. That works most of the time, until the thing you need to do involves BIM modelling services. I work as an engineer for an architecture firm, and we outsource a lot of our work to DraftAway. DraftAway are a local team of specialists that provide services for engineering and architectural businesses – drawings, modelling, that kind of thing. You basically get your own personal draftsperson, and that’s the next best thing to doing it yourself. It’s a great way to save time, and they’ll get your project done in the exact time they promised – not a minute later. For a job done right, speak with DraftAway.


Best Rugs Adelaide

I searched Adelaide for great rugs. We’ve got a pretty big city over here but the shopping isn’t always the best. I’m not sure how long Hali have been around but I hadn’t seen them before. I love a beautiful rug but I have struggled to really find great rugs here. Hali have a great range and really fair prices.


I brought in photos of my lounge so I could get a little advice and suggestions from the staff. It’s something I really recommend doing because they were really amazing and had lots of great tips for creating the atmosphere I was going for. A rug is a pretty powerful tool when it comes to home decorating and Hali really help you to take advantage of that, they’re easily the best rugs Adelaide.

Last Minute Chauffeur Service Melbourne


I was worried when we booked a few extra nights in Melbourne last minute because we had transfers organised with VHA Chauffeur. I do a lot of travel for work and like to be comfortable but sometimes all these transfers and reservations really create problems when plans change.


Compared to other cities Melbourne was really a breeze in this regard because people like our transfer provider, VHA Chauffeur, were only too happy to help. They had no problem changing our reservation last minute and both the vehicles and service were excellent on the few occasions we used them. They run a really excellent chauffeur service Melbourne that I would definitely recommend and be more than happy to use again and again.

Get More from PR Agencies Melbourne

Getting the most from PR agencies Melbourne is a lot about expectations and a clear vision. The more information you can give a company about representing you faithfully, the better. The best PR agencies are intuitive in that sense and bring an understanding of consumers and industries to the table.

We have had a great relationship with Keep Left that has really grown over the years. We’ve been able to grow together and the understanding we’ve developed has really allowed us to trust in them completely. We’ve only had great experiences with them and know to take them on their word because they really know their business and care about ours. What more can you ask for from PR agencies Melbourne.


Vending Machines Business Booming

Vending machines offer a relatively easy way to make money without a huge time investment. I wont say there’s no effort involve because a business is a business. Making money without having to be there means you can always be open and it’s not especially labour intensive.

My vending machine business is my third venture and definitely my best because I can make my own hours and do what I have to do when it suits me. SVA Vending provide me with all the machines and support I need and because they’re affordable, reliable and professional I really don’t have to worry about anything. Having great b2b support is key for any business and that’s exactly what you get from SVA Vending.




The Best China Golf Tour

I have a group of friends I’ve known since high school and every other year we make an effort to get together for a little holiday and a catch up. Sometimes it involves people coming from all corners of the globe so it’s really exciting for us to all get together.


This year I was in charge of planning the trip but it was a really tough year for me with work and I just didn’t have time to organise anything properly. I ended up handballing the task to China Golf Experience, which was an absolute blessing in disguise. There is no substitute for experience and professionalism and those are the best ways to describe them. For a China Golf Tour there is no one better.