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Life is so meaningful and full of suprise

There are some removalists I would never trust, possibly for silly reasons but I think when a company seems unprofessional or clearly don’t care about customer service, it’s not a good sign. I don’t need to make every mistake in the world to learn, sometimes you just get a feeling something isn’t going to work and you go with it.

I spoke to lots of removalists before choosing Woodhouse Removals as my removalist Gold Coast. There were plenty that impressed but they really charged through the teeth. On the flip side it was clear how all the cheaper operators were cutting costs from the website and the phone manner. You need to make a good impression and then back it up with a quality service at a competitive price, in that only Woodhouse Removals delivered.

As far as I’m concerned, good quality trailer parts are as important as the trailer or truck itself. I’m a truck driver for a distribution and logistics company, I know a thing or two about high quality trailer parts and I’ll only ever go to Topline Industries/Mesh Accessories. These guys are the best I’ve come across in all my years as a truck driver, and I’m yet to have something of theirs break down on me. Their customer service is as good as their products, too, and I get on really well with the sales team there. All in all, if you need anything truck or trailer related, your best bet is to head to Topline Industries. Tell them I sent you.


That’s the question you should be asking yourself this time of year. The answer you should be giving is yes because it’s a real treat, it’s easy and it’s cheaper. I am always pedal to the metal around Christmas time and getting my act together for gifts and all that sort of thing is some high anxiety stuff.

Fortunately, I know all my girlfriends love shoes so I just pop over to the Novo Shoes website and buy a whole bunch of great shoes and have them delivered. The range is great and because I pretty much know all the girls sizes and tastes it’s a real breeze. The reason I like Novo Shoes is the range and the flexible returns policy for shoes online.


I don’t do a lot of driving normally. I live in the city and can walk to work and much prefer to. I do enjoy driving when there’s an open road and recently I’ve acquired the taste for off road driving. My boyfriend is a real 4wd fanatic and he booked us in for this 4wd course with Safetrek for his birthday.

We have this thing where we plan our own birthday presents and that was his choice so I went along with it. We both actually had an amazing time, which really surprised me. We’ve even been out since to test out our skills in uncontrolled environments and I am proud to say they stood up to the test. Safetrek have a few different 4wd courses on offer for lots of different levels and we really enjoyed our beginner one.



My first pregnancy was an absolute breeze but I was a fair bit younger then and things haven’t been as easy the second time around. I’m already about 5 kg’s heavier than the biggest I got then and I’ve really been struggling with muscular discomfort.

My girlfriends bought me a Masque voucher for one of their pregnancy massages and it was the most wonderful treat. Their masseurs treated me with such care and attention and they really seemed to find all my tense spots. I came out feeling just wonderful, which is a feeling I’d almost forgotten about. It was my first Masque pregnancy massage Melbourne, but it will not be my last and I have already recommended them to my maternity group.

I have to put up with a lot of unpleasant things at work. Lots of rude and drunk people, long shifts, heavy lifting, late nights; you know, the standard life of a bartender. Mostly I like the work, at least when I’m in a comfortable pair of shoes. Sore feet are not something I have to put up with because I have lots of options there. For me the best is Naturalizer.

I’ve been buying from Naturalizer for years because they make comfortable work shoes that still look cute but not at the expense of your feet. It makes such a difference knowing that whatever happens in a night, at least you’re going to be comfortable in your shoes. I really appreciate that and I’ve gotten all the other girls at work onto them.


It’s all about indoor outdoor at the moment. Every time I see someone whose transformed a bit of garden or decking space to bring the outside in or the inside out comfortably, I just love it. Melbourne is a bit crazy sometimes on the weather front so you need to take that into consideration. I really like bistro blinds because they totally blockout the wind and rain without destroying the view. They’re more versatile than glass, cheaper and somehow they don’t quite make you feel like you’ve totally cut out the outside world.


As soon as we finished the deck I had the guys from Blockout Blinds come and take a look. They had a really competitive quote for bistro blinds and we were sold. We were able to use the space right through winter and we honestly couldn’t be happier.

I couldn’t believe it when Ace Mechanics rocked up to my door less than an hour from when I called them. That is pretty amazing no matter how you look at it. I’m no maven when it comes to cars and I pretty much drive my old Subaru until it gives me trouble and then I take it to the shop. I left it a bit too long this last time and the shop had to come to me and I have to say I felt a bit silly I ever bothered going to them in retrospect.


The fact that Ace Mechanics can be out in such a flash and do just as good a job is just the best. I might take to running my car into the ground more often just for the pleasure of watching them do their thing.


A quick loan is a good loan in my book. I have no time to mess around and travel regularly for work. I’ve been in Melbourne about three months now and I can honestly say it’s been one of the easiest transitions. I always rent a place, usually short term with furniture when I move somewhere new. It really helps get into life when you can build a home for yourself.

I rely pretty heavily on ancillary rental services like housing bond loans because the bonds can be so enormous on furnished properties. Not all cities offer good services but I’ve found in many cities in Australia I can use Rent Bond Move. They have proven to be one of the best for quick easy rental bond loans. My finances are in order but even so, they never get too invasive and are really focused on quality service.

We’ve been redoing the deck and we found a company that seemed pretty good and quoted us much less than the rest. They actually did a great job with nice timbre and all the rest but before they managed to treat all of it we had a lot of rain and the timbre swelled pretty badly. Then because there was not quite enough space between the slats the wood began to buckle and it just wasn’t quite right.

I couldn’t really fault the builder all that much but I wasn’t prepared to have a result that was less than perfect. Luckily the builder agreed and started again at their own expense. I didn’t want them doing all that work to loose money but luckily their builders insurance came through for them. They use a company called BRIC and had nothing but great things to say.