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My family and I are currently renting in Brisbane while our new house is being built. The rental we’d been living in was great so far and was nice and close to the building site, but all of a sudden the landlord decided to pull the pin and sell the property. He only gave us 30 days’ notice which meant the five of us had to find a new rental asap, as the place we were building so nowhere near ready to move into. Time was not on our side. Luckily we found one pretty quickly, but due to time constraints it was more expensive than we’d have liked and the bond amount was huge – more than we could afford with all our cash tied up in the new place. Days away from our deadline, we didn’t have a choice. We spoke to our financial advisor and he recommended Bond Loans QLD. Getting a loan wasn’t ideal, but these guys make it really easy as they understand situations like ours. We were approved for a short term loan of $5,000 which covered the cost of the new bond and as soon as we’ve moved we can start paying it off. My wife and I both work fulltime so approval was not a problem, and their terms are much more flexible than those from other banks and financial institutions. For more info on these bond loans, speak to the experts.


We’re currently in the process of selling our home, and while it’s on the market we realised we’d need to tidy it up a bit to impress potential buyers. We’re a family of 6, and anyone else with a large family will know that with that many people in the house it can get a bit cluttered. We don’t have much in the way of storage at the home, unfortunately, so we needed somewhere to store a bunch of our stuff during the sale of the house to make it look a bit more appealing. We were hesitant to go to a storage facility as we heard they could be quite expensive, but after finding Guardian Storage we realised our fears could be resolved easily enough. These guys really know their stuff – they have temporary storage units with really competitive rates, perfect for keeping some of our belongings for a short term period. We used our storage unit for a few couches and armchairs, a whole bunch of toys, as well as a lot of my fishing gear I’d been keeping in the laundry – my wife wasn’t sad to see it go! For safe, secure and cheap home storage solutions, my advice is to head to Guardian Storage.

I recently moved into a new apartment in the city. I really love it – it’s a great spot with really nice views of Perth, and best of all there’s a café right under my building so I never have to venture far for coffee. The only thing I miss about my old place back in the suburbs is my garden. I had a really nice herb garden that I’d cultivated over years, but unfortunately there’s no room at my new place for that kind of thing. I’ve got no back yard whatsoever, just a little balcony coming off the lounge room. I’d heard of vertical gardens before, so I did a search online and came across O2 Plant Walls. These guys are the real deal. They’re landscapers so they know what they’re doing, and their plant walls are like nothing I’ve ever seen. They were able to put install a vertical herb garden on one of the walls of my balcony and it looks great. It’s perfect for smaller apartments and units where extra room is a rarity – if you’re also space deprived I highly suggest checking these guys out. It’s an easy way to add some green to your home without needing a lot of room.



Winemaking has been in my family for generations. I was born in France and lived out in the Bordeaux region for most of my life, but I moved to Melbourne in Australia recently for a change of pace. Naturally, the first thing I looked for were some really good wineries. Everyone I spoke to seemed to think Yarra Valley was the best in the state, so I organised a tour for myself to try some of them out. The company I went through goes by the name of Dreamscape Tours, and I recommend them highly.

Their service was truly great – they organised everything and all I had to do was show up and go along. The wines I tried were amazing, too. I’m partial to a really nice Pinot Noir, and some of the wineries had some champagne on offer that was good enough to rival the ones I know back home in France. All in all, I visited about half a dozen wineries on the day and sampled many wines and cheeses. I’ll be back in no time at all, I can tell you that – there are many more to try! For the best Yarra Valley winery tours, you can’t go past Dreamscape Tours.

I’ve always been an active person – going for a run before work in the morning, bike riding on the weekend, and I’ll head to the gym three or four nights a week. Then I went on a 6 month trip across Europe and between the food and beer I was quite a lot heavier by the time I got home. To make matters worse, I’d started a new role at work that meant much longer hours, and I just didn’t have the time to get to the gym anymore. I figured the easiest thing to do would be to get some gym equipment at home so I had a quick search online for treadmills. I found Lifespan Fitness and these guys really seem to know their stuff. They’ve got heaps of different treadmills at decent prices, and they deliver, too, so I didn’t have to worry about getting it home by myself. Now I’ve got time to exercise again in the evenings once I’m home and don’t have to make extra time to get to the gym. If you’re looking to get some equipment for your place, I’d definitely suggest Lifespan Fitness for the best treadmill Melbourne has to offer.


When I redid the bathrooms I decided to get rid of the old shutters because the wood never really coped so well with moisture and just wasn’t practical. I had a look at Blockout Blinds, my blind shop, for a couple of different options. They had just gotten some new venetians in that were really simple and elegant. These thin little aluminium slithers that just seemed to work really well.


Good venetian blinds have a little bit of weight to them so they stay in place but not so much that they are difficult to operate. When they’re closed they can cut out a lot of sunlight but for this they need to be really thin and spaced perfectly. Blockout Blinds only seem to have the best in curtains, awnings and blinds so it was no surprise they had the perfect venetian blinds for us

My partner and I are from Wellington and like so many Kiwis, we made the move to Melbourne for lifestyle and opportunity. We love it here but comparatively, it is so much expensive than back home.

I don’t think we’re ever likely to move back but finding a way to manage the expense of life here without sacrificing the lifestyle we moved here for has been a constant struggle.

For a long time we were renting; paying far too much for someone else’s house but we’ve bought a place now. House and Land Packages Melbourne we’re a perfect option for us looking for house and land packages Melbourne East. The quality and value their developments represent are hard to beat anywhere else in or around the city.

It’s ridiculous what counts as ‘plus size’ these days. I’m a healthy size 7, a little curvy around the hips and breasts, but I never considered myself to be plus sized until I started looking for wedding dresses. My fiancé and I have been engaged for 6 months, and the wedding isn’t until next year but I want the dress to be perfect so I’ve started looking now. It’s been a little disheartening, I’ll admit. Nothing I’ve come across so far has been right, and the dresses I do like aren’t available in my size. Some designers have offered to customise them but at an extremely expensive rate. I was getting desperate until I found The Designer Bridal Room.

Their range of plus size wedding dresses is just as extensive and as beautiful as the rest of their dresses, not like most bridal stores that only offer one or two options in that category. I booked a time to come in and meet with them and straight away I found the most stunning gown that I had to have. No alterations necessary, although they would’ve done it for me if I needed it and it came in under budget, too. Now I have my dream dress, all thanks to The Designer Bridal Room.

My husband and I decided to look at getting a rental property down by the beach in Rosebud. Unfortunately, we didn’t realise that Rosebud had become so popular lately and on the day of inspection there were at least a dozen or more other applicants! We live in Richmond but we love the beach, and we’ve wanted a rental down there for many years, but the cost of the bond and first month’s rent was almost enough to put us off. We knew if we couldn’t cover those costs ASAP, then one of the other applicants would for sure. That’s when we discovered Housing Bond Loans. They offer bond loans Australia wide, which makes it so much easier to put the bond and rent together in a hurry.


We were approved in less than 24 hours – we both work full time, so there were no problems at all. People don’t usually like asking for money, and we’re no different, but this company really does understand that a short term loan like this can make your chances of securing a property that much better. We went back to the landlord with cash in hand and within a fortnight we were furnishing our brand new rental! The terms of the loan are very flexible, and with our cash flow freed up we’re looking forward to a fun summer down by the beach.

We have this great little front yard that sort of wraps around the house. On one side we’ve kept the fences low because we run up along the park and it is just lovely. We did want to make a bit more out of that space, to take proper advantage of the view and everything and I just love the look of timber decking. Read the rest of this entry »