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Life is so meaningful and full of suprise

When I redid the bathrooms I decided to get rid of the old shutters because the wood never really coped so well with moisture and just wasn’t practical. I had a look at Blockout Blinds, my blind shop, for a couple of different options. They had just gotten some new venetians in that were really simple and elegant. These thin little aluminium slithers that just seemed to work really well.


Good venetian blinds have a little bit of weight to them so they stay in place but not so much that they are difficult to operate. When they’re closed they can cut out a lot of sunlight but for this they need to be really thin and spaced perfectly. Blockout Blinds only seem to have the best in curtains, awnings and blinds so it was no surprise they had the perfect venetian blinds for us

My partner and I are from Wellington and like so many Kiwis, we made the move to Melbourne for lifestyle and opportunity. We love it here but comparatively, it is so much expensive than back home.

I don’t think we’re ever likely to move back but finding a way to manage the expense of life here without sacrificing the lifestyle we moved here for has been a constant struggle.

For a long time we were renting; paying far too much for someone else’s house but we’ve bought a place now. House and Land Packages Melbourne we’re a perfect option for us looking for house and land packages Melbourne East. The quality and value their developments represent are hard to beat anywhere else in or around the city.

My husband and I decided to look at getting a rental property down by the beach in Rosebud. Unfortunately, we didn’t realise that Rosebud had become so popular lately and on the day of inspection there were at least a dozen or more other applicants! We live in Richmond but we love the beach, and we’ve wanted a rental down there for many years, but the cost of the bond and first month’s rent was almost enough to put us off. We knew if we couldn’t cover those costs ASAP, then one of the other applicants would for sure. That’s when we discovered Housing Bond Loans. They offer bond loans Australia wide, which makes it so much easier to put the bond and rent together in a hurry.


We were approved in less than 24 hours – we both work full time, so there were no problems at all. People don’t usually like asking for money, and we’re no different, but this company really does understand that a short term loan like this can make your chances of securing a property that much better. We went back to the landlord with cash in hand and within a fortnight we were furnishing our brand new rental! The terms of the loan are very flexible, and with our cash flow freed up we’re looking forward to a fun summer down by the beach.

We have this great little front yard that sort of wraps around the house. On one side we’ve kept the fences low because we run up along the park and it is just lovely. We did want to make a bit more out of that space, to take proper advantage of the view and everything and I just love the look of timber decking. Read the rest of this entry »

My husband and I are both fanatic about fitness and we needed to find a stroller that could keep up. We wanted something that would keep us comfortable and our baby safe when we do go jogging or out to the park but not one of those massive regular jogging strollers. Read the rest of this entry »

The renovation was something we looked forward to for a long time. We knew it would be somewhat expensive and probably put us out a little while because that’s just sort of par for the course. To tell you the truth we had plans for the house form the very beginning and for one reason or another we kept putting them off. Read the rest of this entry »

If you love women’s shoes then you have go to check out the incredible shoes at Meluri, but if you don’t know how to say no to a pair of shoes that you love then be prepared to walk away with multiple pairs in hand! Or should I say on your feet? Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve been to Melbourne lots of times and my mates always steered me away from the group tours of the Great Ocean Road. They all seem to leave at the same time and stop in the same places so you feel like you’re on this sort of passive, tourist conveyer belt. Read the rest of this entry »

If you are going to spend the cash on an espresso machine for your home then you might as well take the time to found out where you can get Melbourne’s best coffee beans to use in your machine. Read the rest of this entry »

After months and months of planning my wedding all I wanted was to relax and enjoy the night of my life whilst someone else captured it and every precious moment for me. Read the rest of this entry »