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It’s all about indoor outdoor at the moment. Every time I see someone whose transformed a bit of garden or decking space to bring the outside in or the inside out comfortably, I just love it. Melbourne is a bit crazy sometimes on the weather front so you need to take that into consideration. I really like bistro blinds because they totally blockout the wind and rain without destroying the view. They’re more versatile than glass, cheaper and somehow they don’t quite make you feel like you’ve totally cut out the outside world.


As soon as we finished the deck I had the guys from Blockout Blinds come and take a look. They had a really competitive quote for bistro blinds and we were sold. We were able to use the space right through winter and we honestly couldn’t be happier.

I couldn’t believe it when Ace Mechanics rocked up to my door less than an hour from when I called them. That is pretty amazing no matter how you look at it. I’m no maven when it comes to cars and I pretty much drive my old Subaru until it gives me trouble and then I take it to the shop. I left it a bit too long this last time and the shop had to come to me and I have to say I felt a bit silly I ever bothered going to them in retrospect.


The fact that Ace Mechanics can be out in such a flash and do just as good a job is just the best. I might take to running my car into the ground more often just for the pleasure of watching them do their thing.


A quick loan is a good loan in my book. I have no time to mess around and travel regularly for work. I’ve been in Melbourne about three months now and I can honestly say it’s been one of the easiest transitions. I always rent a place, usually short term with furniture when I move somewhere new. It really helps get into life when you can build a home for yourself.

I rely pretty heavily on ancillary rental services like housing bond loans because the bonds can be so enormous on furnished properties. Not all cities offer good services but I’ve found in many cities in Australia I can use Rent Bond Move. They have proven to be one of the best for quick easy rental bond loans. My finances are in order but even so, they never get too invasive and are really focused on quality service.

We’ve been redoing the deck and we found a company that seemed pretty good and quoted us much less than the rest. They actually did a great job with nice timbre and all the rest but before they managed to treat all of it we had a lot of rain and the timbre swelled pretty badly. Then because there was not quite enough space between the slats the wood began to buckle and it just wasn’t quite right.

I couldn’t really fault the builder all that much but I wasn’t prepared to have a result that was less than perfect. Luckily the builder agreed and started again at their own expense. I didn’t want them doing all that work to loose money but luckily their builders insurance came through for them. They use a company called BRIC and had nothing but great things to say.



Melbourne is pretty windy and rainy and anyone who tells you it isn’t should spend more time outdoors. I work outside a lot as a gardener and I mostly enjoy it but my ute gets a pretty full on beating and the old girl has served me well over the years. She has seen better days but I am sure to get her worked over by a quality mechanic on a regular basis.

One problem I was not ready for was an issue with the power windows. The passenger side window got stuck down one afternoon and with the wind and rain it was a real disaster. I spoke to a couple of mechanics about power window repair but Ace Auto Electrical were the only ones that could come out to me that day. I got on with my job and they came by and got on with theirs.


As a traditional bricks and mortar business, practically all of my sales and traffic is from people walking through my front door. I run a small boutique homewares store and I try to source all my products from unique suppliers both here and abroad. I reached the point where I was confident I could sell my wares online – I’d been advertising through my website but I still didn’t have ecommerce set up so the website was just a way to drive more people in store. After extensive research, I met with the team at Splashbox Agency to design an ecommerce website for me. A colleague of mine had suggested them to me after they’d built a great website for me, and he couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Happy to report he was right – their team is great and really happy to work with me and make sure the website was set up in a way that best represented my business. With ecommerce set up, I can now sell a lot more products and shift them in great volumes than before, and so far my customers have loved it. The loyal ones still come into the store, which I love, but heaps have already jumped onto the website instead. For quality ecommerce web design Melbourne wide, I suggest you try Splashbox Agency.


My family and I are currently renting in Brisbane while our new house is being built. The rental we’d been living in was great so far and was nice and close to the building site, but all of a sudden the landlord decided to pull the pin and sell the property. He only gave us 30 days’ notice which meant the five of us had to find a new rental asap, as the place we were building so nowhere near ready to move into. Time was not on our side. Luckily we found one pretty quickly, but due to time constraints it was more expensive than we’d have liked and the bond amount was huge – more than we could afford with all our cash tied up in the new place. Days away from our deadline, we didn’t have a choice. We spoke to our financial advisor and he recommended Bond Loans QLD. Getting a loan wasn’t ideal, but these guys make it really easy as they understand situations like ours. We were approved for a short term loan of $5,000 which covered the cost of the new bond and as soon as we’ve moved we can start paying it off. My wife and I both work fulltime so approval was not a problem, and their terms are much more flexible than those from other banks and financial institutions. For more info on these bond loans, speak to the experts.


We’re currently in the process of selling our home, and while it’s on the market we realised we’d need to tidy it up a bit to impress potential buyers. We’re a family of 6, and anyone else with a large family will know that with that many people in the house it can get a bit cluttered. We don’t have much in the way of storage at the home, unfortunately, so we needed somewhere to store a bunch of our stuff during the sale of the house to make it look a bit more appealing. We were hesitant to go to a storage facility as we heard they could be quite expensive, but after finding Guardian Storage we realised our fears could be resolved easily enough. These guys really know their stuff – they have temporary storage units with really competitive rates, perfect for keeping some of our belongings for a short term period. We used our storage unit for a few couches and armchairs, a whole bunch of toys, as well as a lot of my fishing gear I’d been keeping in the laundry – my wife wasn’t sad to see it go! For safe, secure and cheap home storage solutions, my advice is to head to Guardian Storage.

I recently moved into a new apartment in the city. I really love it – it’s a great spot with really nice views of Perth, and best of all there’s a café right under my building so I never have to venture far for coffee. The only thing I miss about my old place back in the suburbs is my garden. I had a really nice herb garden that I’d cultivated over years, but unfortunately there’s no room at my new place for that kind of thing. I’ve got no back yard whatsoever, just a little balcony coming off the lounge room. I’d heard of vertical gardens before, so I did a search online and came across O2 Plant Walls. These guys are the real deal. They’re landscapers so they know what they’re doing, and their plant walls are like nothing I’ve ever seen. They were able to put install a vertical herb garden on one of the walls of my balcony and it looks great. It’s perfect for smaller apartments and units where extra room is a rarity – if you’re also space deprived I highly suggest checking these guys out. It’s an easy way to add some green to your home without needing a lot of room.



Winemaking has been in my family for generations. I was born in France and lived out in the Bordeaux region for most of my life, but I moved to Melbourne in Australia recently for a change of pace. Naturally, the first thing I looked for were some really good wineries. Everyone I spoke to seemed to think Yarra Valley was the best in the state, so I organised a tour for myself to try some of them out. The company I went through goes by the name of Dreamscape Tours, and I recommend them highly.

Their service was truly great – they organised everything and all I had to do was show up and go along. The wines I tried were amazing, too. I’m partial to a really nice Pinot Noir, and some of the wineries had some champagne on offer that was good enough to rival the ones I know back home in France. All in all, I visited about half a dozen wineries on the day and sampled many wines and cheeses. I’ll be back in no time at all, I can tell you that – there are many more to try! For the best Yarra Valley winery tours, you can’t go past Dreamscape Tours.