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I searched Adelaide for great rugs. We’ve got a pretty big city over here but the shopping isn’t always the best. I’m not sure how long Hali have been around but I hadn’t seen them before. I love a beautiful rug but I have struggled to really find great rugs here. Hali have a great range and really fair prices.


I brought in photos of my lounge so I could get a little advice and suggestions from the staff. It’s something I really recommend doing because they were really amazing and had lots of great tips for creating the atmosphere I was going for. A rug is a pretty powerful tool when it comes to home decorating and Hali really help you to take advantage of that, they’re easily the best rugs Adelaide.


I was worried when we booked a few extra nights in Melbourne last minute because we had transfers organised with VHA Chauffeur. I do a lot of travel for work and like to be comfortable but sometimes all these transfers and reservations really create problems when plans change.


Compared to other cities Melbourne was really a breeze in this regard because people like our transfer provider, VHA Chauffeur, were only too happy to help. They had no problem changing our reservation last minute and both the vehicles and service were excellent on the few occasions we used them. They run a really excellent chauffeur service Melbourne that I would definitely recommend and be more than happy to use again and again.

Getting the most from PR agencies Melbourne is a lot about expectations and a clear vision. The more information you can give a company about representing you faithfully, the better. The best PR agencies are intuitive in that sense and bring an understanding of consumers and industries to the table.

We have had a great relationship with Keep Left that has really grown over the years. We’ve been able to grow together and the understanding we’ve developed has really allowed us to trust in them completely. We’ve only had great experiences with them and know to take them on their word because they really know their business and care about ours. What more can you ask for from PR agencies Melbourne.


Vending machines offer a relatively easy way to make money without a huge time investment. I wont say there’s no effort involve because a business is a business. Making money without having to be there means you can always be open and it’s not especially labour intensive.

My vending machine business is my third venture and definitely my best because I can make my own hours and do what I have to do when it suits me. SVA Vending provide me with all the machines and support I need and because they’re affordable, reliable and professional I really don’t have to worry about anything. Having great b2b support is key for any business and that’s exactly what you get from SVA Vending.




I have a group of friends I’ve known since high school and every other year we make an effort to get together for a little holiday and a catch up. Sometimes it involves people coming from all corners of the globe so it’s really exciting for us to all get together.


This year I was in charge of planning the trip but it was a really tough year for me with work and I just didn’t have time to organise anything properly. I ended up handballing the task to China Golf Experience, which was an absolute blessing in disguise. There is no substitute for experience and professionalism and those are the best ways to describe them. For a China Golf Tour there is no one better.

I couldn’t believe how much better I looked after getting breast implants from Avenue Plastic Surgery. I had always had very small breasts and never thought much of them. I liked that they were never a problem when I wanted to play sports but had always hated wearing dresses or swimsuits because I used to feel like a kid in them.


My husband was the one who really encouraged me. He has always loved big breasts but he loved me all the same. They ended up being kind of like a gift to each other. I think we both love the new breasts and it has really spiced things up between us and done a lot for my confidence. You wouldn’t believe the difference of breast implants before and after.

Skin needling has a whole range of benefits I have come to depend on as something of a cure all natural remedy. Some approaches to skin care require lengthy procedures and chemicals and often at great expense. On that spectrum skin needling is a conservative and hassle free alternative and when performed properly it can be the best possible option for certain skin types and conditions.


I’ve had skin needling procedures performed by several supposed professionals over the years but the only ones I have gone back to are Avenue Advanced Skin Care. I just don’t know if there’s anyone better out there at skin needling, the results just speak for themselves and everyone in my family notices when I’ve been to Avenue Advanced.


After much consideration, my wife and I decided to undertake some much needed renovations on our home, starting with the kitchen. It was getting pretty old, close to 30 years, and still had all the original cupboards which were pretty close to falling apart. After doing a bit of research, we enlisted the help of Universal Timbers as they specialise in flat pack kitchens Melbourne wide. We wanted something that would be relatively easy to install, yet still look and feel like the real deal, and that’s exactly what we got. Their flat pack kitchens were easy to incorporate into our existing space, and the whole thing came up a treat.

There are some removalists I would never trust, possibly for silly reasons but I think when a company seems unprofessional or clearly don’t care about customer service, it’s not a good sign. I don’t need to make every mistake in the world to learn, sometimes you just get a feeling something isn’t going to work and you go with it.

I spoke to lots of removalists before choosing Woodhouse Removals as my removalist Gold Coast. There were plenty that impressed but they really charged through the teeth. On the flip side it was clear how all the cheaper operators were cutting costs from the website and the phone manner. You need to make a good impression and then back it up with a quality service at a competitive price, in that only Woodhouse Removals delivered.

As far as I’m concerned, good quality trailer parts are as important as the trailer or truck itself. I’m a truck driver for a distribution and logistics company, I know a thing or two about high quality trailer parts and I’ll only ever go to Topline Industries/Mesh Accessories. These guys are the best I’ve come across in all my years as a truck driver, and I’m yet to have something of theirs break down on me. Their customer service is as good as their products, too, and I get on really well with the sales team there. All in all, if you need anything truck or trailer related, your best bet is to head to Topline Industries. Tell them I sent you.